Saturday, March 15 { 10:25 AM

Pruning is done! The vineyard is ready, and I am extremely hopeful this will be the first vintage from the vineyard to go into a FIGGINS bottle!!!!

Thursday, April 24 { 12:28 PM

First Bud break finally showing up in One Big Holiday! Let the season begin.

Monday, April 28 { 9:05 AM

Lost Boy and Sun Also Sets popping today! Bud break is even and looks really great. Finally some warmth.

Friday, May 02 { 3:51 PM

Shouting Stone finally deciding to wake up. Cab is always later than Merlot. Tortoise vs Hare!

Sunday, June 08 { 3:25 AM

40F this morning! Brrrr. Really cool for this time of year.

Wednesday, June 25 { 7:41 AM

Virtually the whole vineyard is in bloom and the weather is perfect. The smell of grape flowers is filling the air. Beautiful! We're bound for perfect fruit set.

Sunday, June 29 { 2:49 AM

July must be right around the corner. We topped 100F for the first time today. Still getting wonderfully cool mornings.

Friday, August 01 { 8:14 AM

What a perfect July. We made it through the entire month without topping 100. Very Unusual. High's were upper 80's to mid 90's with nights in the 50's. Ideal!!

Tuesday, August 12 { 1:05 PM

Easy Plateau and Hallelujah are almost fully colored. Should be no problem getting Petit Verdot ripe if this weather holds and we have a normal fall.

Saturday, August 30 { 11:24 AM

Nearly all the blocks except Petit Verdot are fully colored! All the heat of this month has caught us up from the late start. Berries are small and clusters perfect.

Wednesday, September 10 { 2:00 PM

All Merlot is at 20+ brix and tasting really good already!

Friday, October 10 { 4:54 AM

Game on! Picking Wicked Twisted Road this morning!! Fruit is in perfect condition

Monday, October 20 { 6:02 AM

The first Harvest of Shouting Stones begins. It's like sending a kid off to college - I have butterflies in my stomach.


Thursday, October 30 { 2:31 PM

I'm pooped - our crew has done an amazing job! All Petit Verdot got picked today under clear skies. In the tank cold soaking. A couple days at Elk camp before I come back to pitch yeast!

Wednesday, April 29 { 8:29 AM

Another cool spring. These late bud breaks are taxing!

Tuesday, May 26 { 1:21 PM

Finally reached 80F today! You could almost watch the vines grow today. Our crew is shoot thinning like crazy.

Saturday, August 08 { 4:31 AM

We're getting a little break from the heat of the last 6 weeks. It feels good. Color is starting to show up in Merlot! Bring on the Verasion!

Friday, September 25 { 12:37 PM

Harvest is just around the corner. Clusters are tasting great on the vine. We escaped the heat without much sunburn. I'm just waiting for some of the pulps in Merlot to "clear."

Thursday, October 01 { 11:05 AM

Started Harvest today. Lost boy is in the can! Fruit is in perfect condition and really tasting good.

Saturday, October 10 { 5:24 AM

We barely escaped frost last night. It doesn't look good for overnight tonight.

Tuesday, October 13 { 4:55 PM

Our crew just put in the most heroic picking effort I have ever seen. They are exhausted. The morning of the 11th, despite running wind machines, all our leaves were frosted off.

Thursday, October 15 { 9:43 PM

Is it wrong that I had to build a tab in my fermentations spreadsheet to track ferments simply titled "Hell Week". This is one for the records.

Monday, May 10 { 2:41 PM

51F for a high today. Really?, I mean, Really? Where is Al Gore when we need him?

Sunday, May 23 { 11:12 AM

After a week of nice weather, it is back in the 50's. We are running a solid 3 weeks late at this point on phenology. I hope summer eventually comes and catches us up. Frustrating!

Monday, June 21 { 6:24 AM

Well, its the first day of summer, and we didn't hit 70F! Are you kidding me? The vines are progressing nicely, but we continue to lose ground to the race for ripeness.

Wednesday, July 07 { 2:23 PM

Bloom is over finally! I am seeing a lot of shatter - or poor set, due to the rains and cool weather we had for flowering. It's going to be a small crop!

Thursday, July 08 { 10:05 AM

I am refurbishing a small industrial building as the new winery for FIGGINS. Making the move from Artifex. It's much closer to the vineyard for me.

Friday, July 09 { 10:09 AM

Standing in Hallelujuh, and Hallelejuh indeed! It is 100F and I am loving it! This should help dry out the soil profile and slow shoot growth down.

Sunday, August 01 { 7:37 AM

I just got word my sorting table and elevator on the way from France is delayed due to a dock workers strike! Seriously? What, are the croissants soggy or something?

Sunday, August 15 { 4:41 AM

Jason and I made a tough decision to drop another 1/2 ton per acre on the ground. I would much rather get a small crop ripe than a moderate crop green!

Sunday, September 12 { 1:05 PM

The weather has been just perfect now for several weeks. All Varietals are 90% through Verasion except Petit Verdot.

Friday, October 01 { 9:05 AM

All the contractors are racing to finish final touches on the new winery. Thank goodness we are running late in the vineyard! All equipment has arrived by the skin of our teeth.

Tuesday, October 05 { 5:23 PM

I'm going to make the call to start harvest tomorrow! Lost Boy is tasting amazing and ready!

Saturday, October 23 { 5:46 AM

Well, it's late, but the weather has been absolutely stunning - the perfect Indian Summer! Over the last two days we picked Easy Plateau and Hallelujah.

Wednesday, October 27 { 12:16 PM

Shouting Stone being picked this morning! Everything will now be in the door! Thank God for an amazing October.

Monday, November 01 { 8:37 AM

I have never seen such remarkable color and aromatics at such low alchohol levels. Though our yields are pathetic, I believe this vintage has legendary potential

Tuesday, February 15 { 12:33 PM

Jason cut through hundreds of buds in the last few days and we survived the thanksgiving freeze in remarkable condition.

Saturday, May 14 { 1:34 PM

We finally hit our first 80F day today. Bring on the sunrays!

Wednesday, June 01 { 1:40 PM

Everything is growing well now. Freeze damage is worst in Merlot, so we will definitely see some reduced yields there, but Cab and Petit Verdot are unscathed.

Wednesday, June 15 { 1:37 PM

The crew is shoot thinning and tucking shoots as fast as we can. The wet winter and spring is going to make for lots of extra canopy work this year.

Monday, June 20 { 2:38 PM

Tomorrow is the first day of summer and the weather is finally turning. 378 heat units to date. Even cooler than 2010 at 434 and way cooler than 2009 at 688.

Wednesday, June 29 { 6:11 PM

Oh the joys of irrigation! Mainline blew out, filled a gopher condo complex, and finally liquified enough mud to bury Mill Creek Rd 18" deep! Naturally happened at 5 pm!


Thursday, June 30 { 8:54 PM

Making the final 09 blend decision tonight! I'm super happy with the results. Splitting hairs but every little tweak counts.


Friday, July 08 { 10:44 PM

Might have to name the next block we plant after none other than ALLISON KRAUSS AND UNION STATION. Jerry Douglas walks on Dobro water. My hero.


Tuesday, July 19 { 10:16 AM

Bottling 09 FIGGINS today with the girls help!

Tuesday, August 16 { 9:01 PM

Mill Creek, or "kooskooskee" as the natives used to call it, runs just below FIGGINS. Here's another benefit of living in this special place. My finest of the season so far and in a dry fly!


Friday, August 26 { 3:31 PM

Veraison! First signs of color have shown up in Cash & Tobacco. 98F today. We are still WAY behind but the forcast is great. July and August have been amazingly consistent.


Friday, September 23 { 4:36 PM

The last three weeks have been perfectly above normal temps. We are still way behind, but gaining ground. Everything but Petit Verdot is fully colored. Fingers crossed. Think sun!


Wednesday, October 05 { 11:16 PM

Watching the rain fall at 3am, I was thankful to have the dust of 2 months settled. 24 hours later I am eager for sun to vanquish her to November. The vintage hangs in the balance...

Tuesday, October 11 { 10:27 AM

It was so great to see everyone who made our Oct 2011 release weekend a great success. Keep thinking sun - we need more days like Saturday to make the '11 vintage a success! A huge thanks to all of you!


Friday, October 21 { 11:11 PM

The last week has been dry, mostly sunny, and 5-7 degrees above normal. The Merlot is SO close and Cabernet is close behind. Petit Verdot is needing a miracle to get ripe.


Wednesday, October 26 { 5:58 PM

IT HAS BEGUN!!! Dodged two nights of frost and have begun Merlot harvest this morning. Wicked Twisted Road is first. Fruit tastes awesome & is in perfect condition.


Thursday, November 03 { 4:42 PM

All the Cabernet will be safe, sound, and in tank by tomorrow! What a miracle vintage! First in the barn....Mystifies Me block. Chance of snow the next few days so none too soon!


Friday, December 16 { 12:44 PM

The '11's in barrel are stunning! I've never seen such great acidity in wines with such pure fruit. Truly exciting. Malolactic fermentation just beginning.


Tuesday, May 29 { 8:44 AM

Heidi and I are just back from a "research" trip to Tuscany. Simply fabulous! I was incredibly inspired by the wine, food and people and am even more excited about future opportunities in our wine region here in Walla Walla.


Thursday, May 31 { 11:27 AM

The final blend of 2010's is done and ready for bottling. It is an epic vintage and I think it epitomizes what I am trying to achieve with FIGGINS.

Wednesday, June 20 { 3:16 PM

All Cabernet and Merlot blocks beginning bloom, and the weather couldn't be more perfect! No sign yet in Petit Verdot, but tomorrow's expected 90F will bring it quickly. '12 is off to a great start.


Wednesday, June 27 { 10:19 AM

Bottling 2010 FIGGINS Estate Red today! Possibly the finest vintage of my career thus far.

Tuesday, July 24 { 7:54 PM

Gettin Figgy with it!! I thought I'd share a fun pic of the first figs of the year from our home garden. Yum!!


Friday, August 17 { 12:49 PM

Verasion at FIGGINS! This picture in Shouting Stones. Beautiful crop hanging!


Tuesday, September 25 { 2:00 PM

The crop is looking perfect! Everything tasting great with plenty of season ahead of us. Nice to have a "normal" year after the last few cool seasons!


Thursday, October 04 { 2:37 PM

Harvest Begins!! We picked our first Merlot of the season from Sun Also Sets in perfect condition. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you who are coming to our release party this weekend!


Thursday, November 01 { 9:21 AM

Well all the fruit from the spectacular '12 harvest is in the door, and mostly pressed out and in barrel. We are working hard to get the FIGGINS Wine Studio ready for the Fall Release festivities!

Monday, January 07 { 2:33 PM

Had a great time tasting with some of the most passionate somms & buyers in the country. Thanks Seattle & Portland!


Thursday, February 14 { 4:59 PM

The 2012 vintage of FIGGINS Riesling is officially in bottle as of today.


Tuesday, February 19 { 10:53 AM

...And so vintage '13 begins! Pre-pruning at Figgins Estate Vineyard as the snow recedes in the Blue Mountains.


Thursday, May 16 { 2:36 PM

The most even spring growth I've ever seen. Perfect start. This photo is of Shouting Stones Cabernet at Figgins Estate Vineyard.


Wednesday, May 29 { 7:46 AM

Biodiversity plantings are in their full blooming glory at Figgins Estate Vineyard.


Thursday, June 13 { 2:35 PM

Merlot and Petit Verdot have started bloom. This photo was taken in Easy Plateau.


Tuesday, July 30 { 12:37 PM

First time I've seen veraison in July at FIGGINS. This is Merlot from Lost Boy block.


Wednesday, August 21 { 8:49 AM

Things are looking good down the home stretch. Crush 2013 is approaching quickly.


Friday, October 04 { 7:16 AM

Picked at the crack of dawn at a crisp 39F, the first bin of fruit is in off of the vineyard. The making of 2013 FIGGINS Estate Riesling has commenced.


Wednesday, November 06 { 12:31 PM

Harvest 2013 has come to a close, the wine is all in barrel, and the Lostine Cattle Company Scottish Highlanders get to enjoy the last of the Cabernet pommace from Figgins Estate Vineyard.


Wednesday, January 22 { 2:02 PM

Blending trials for the 2012 Estate Red Wine begin!


Thursday, February 13 { 2:41 PM

2013 Riesling is in bottle. Next week brings calligraphy, then bottle aging until the September 2014 release.


Wednesday, March 05 { 1:49 PM

Pruning well underway at Figgins Estate Vineyard.


Friday, April 18 { 11:56 AM

Bud break has commenced with the Petit Verdot leading the way.


Thursday, June 05 { 11:10 AM

Bottling '12 FIGGINS Estate Red Wine today. I'm so excited about this wine. Only 15 months until release!


Monday, June 09 { 1:14 PM

Bloom has begun.


Monday, August 04 { 2:22 PM

Véraison begins in Lost Boy Merlot.


Monday, August 18 { 2:25 PM

Color change continues in Shouting Stones Cabernet Sauvignon.


Tuesday, August 26 { 9:10 AM

The 2014 harvest creeps closer to fruition. Hallelujah block Petit Verdot darkening quickly.


Thursday, August 28 { 10:49 AM

Making the final thinning pass at Figgins Estate Cabernet today. Less fruit = better wine!


Friday, September 12 { 12:28 PM

Riesling grapes basking in the sun, patiently awaiting their time to shine at the winery.


Wednesday, September 24 { 12:55 PM

Lost Boy Merlot is the first to hit the crush pad as we begin harvest at Figgins Estate!


Tuesday, October 07 { 10:54 AM

Our small 1/2 acre of Estate Riesling picked at first light.


Tuesday, October 14 { 10:24 AM

One Big Holiday block Merlot in the press. Loving the insane depth of color in the 2014's so far.


Monday, October 20 { 12:29 PM

Petit Verdot is the last in the door for harvest 2014. And on what could be one of the most gorgeous October days ever!


Wednesday, March 11 { 10:04 AM

Spring is here and the crew is hard at work pruning.


Tuesday, April 21 { 9:29 AM

Bud break 2015 is complete at Figgins Estate Vineyard.


Saturday, May 30 { 4:38 PM

Bloom showing early in Lost Boy Merlot block.


Wednesday, June 24 { 10:58 AM

A moment of beautiful simplicity and a symbol of transformation in the vineyard.


Tuesday, July 28 { 11:45 AM

Veraison in Lost Boy Merlot block. Looks like things will be early this year!


Wednesday, August 12 { 12:44 PM

So much color. So early!


Friday, September 11 { 6:35 AM

2015 harvest begins at Figgins Estate Vineyard with Lost Boy Merlot!


Saturday, September 19 { 10:58 AM

Good Morning, Sunshine! 2015 Riesling is in the door!


Wednesday, October 14 { 2:32 PM

The last of the fruit from Figgins Estate Vineyard is officially in the door with this block of Petit Verdot.


Monday, February 15 { 4:42 PM

Beginning to feel a little bit like Spring as our pruning commences!


Tuesday, April 12 { 10:47 AM

Bud break begins at Figgins Estate Vineyard!


Friday, June 03 { 4:47 PM

Bloom has begun


Friday, July 01 { 9:35 AM

It is looking like the beginning of an epic vintage


Friday, July 29 { 11:58 AM

A few more Merlot berries starting to turn.


Wednesday, August 17 { 3:56 PM

Almost all colored up


Thursday, September 01 { 1:01 PM

The sun setting through Cash & Tobacco. Harvest is just around the corner.


Monday, September 26 { 11:25 AM

Riesling is in!


Thursday, December 22 { 10:10 AM

It was a stunning day at FIGGINS!


Thursday, April 27 { 9:23 AM

Merlot bud break has begun!


Thursday, August 03 { 9:47 AM

Days away from veraison up at the Estate!


Thursday, August 03 { 9:47 AM

Days away from veraison up at the Estate!


Friday, September 08 { 7:57 AM

Riesling less than a month from harvest!


Thursday, October 12 { 1:03 PM

Excited to announce that all of our Merlot has been harvested!


Wednesday, November 15 { 2:09 PM

Cheers to another spectacular vintage!


Wednesday, February 28 { 9:39 AM

Pruning has begun!


Tuesday, May 08 { 12:54 PM

Bud break has begun!


Thursday, August 09 { 7:02 AM

Veraison is just beginning to hit the vineyard


Tuesday, October 16 { 7:21 AM

Our crew is hard at work harvesting Merlot!


Friday, May 03 { 10:36 AM

Merlot at Figgins Estate Vineyard in bloom! Happy Spring Release everyone!


Tuesday, September 10 { 8:28 AM

Just released - the 2016 is one of our most approachable vintages yet!


Tuesday, April 21 { 12:02 PM

Available starting today are two new spring vintages, both deeply rooted in my family, the 2017 Figlia & 2019 Riesling!


Tuesday, September 08 { 8:27 AM

It’s hard to believe this is our 10th release of our flagship wine! 2017 was a fantastic vintage in the Walla Walla Valley and this wine is dark to the rim, with signature aromatic notes of ripe red and blue fruits, tanned leather, black olive, and lilac. The nose simply makes me smile; it is so distinctly FIGGINS!


Tuesday, November 10 { 7:32 AM

I am thrilled to release the 2018 Figlia. It's an absolutely delightful wine that is drinking fantastically today and will lay down for a decade if desired.


Tuesday, April 06 { 7:13 AM

Today we release what I believe to be our finest and most balanced dry Riesling to date!


Tuesday, September 07 { 4:30 AM

Today we release the 2018 Estate Red Wine - the wine I have dreamed of since planting this special vineyard site.


Tuesday, November 09 { 8:58 AM

Today we release the 2019 Figlia! This "little sister" to our Estate Red is silky with fine-grained tannins and crisp acidity. Simply a delight to drink!


Tuesday, January 11 { 8:25 AM

Today through January 28th, Allocation List Members have exclusive access to limited library wines!


Friday, January 28 { 5:05 PM

Reflecting, rejuvenating, and enjoying some great library red wines this winter.


Tuesday, April 05 { 7:25 AM

A beautiful sunny day in the Walla Walla Valley to release our '21 Riesling. An explosive nose of mixed white flowers, ocean breeze, lemon rind, and biscotti - the wine is a lovely balance of refreshing richness.


Tuesday, September 06 { 7:44 AM

The 2019 Estate Red is available to List Members starting today! This wine is long and lithe on the palate, full-bodied with a masculine edge of tannin, and a gorgeous string of refreshing acidity.


Tuesday, November 08 { 6:32 AM

Today is the day! Our 2020 Figlia makes her debut. The palate is full and plush with fresh fruit, soft, integrated tannins, and a lovely lingering finish.


Tuesday, April 04 { 6:04 AM

Today we share our 2022 dry Riesling, which opens with beautiful aromas of Bosc pear, citrus, and loads of white flowers. The wine lands on the palate with a smooth richness that is perfectly balanced by racy acidity.


Tuesday, September 05 { 5:29 AM

The elegant tannins and bright acidity give way to a medium body balanced with freshness, making the 2020 of Estate Red wonderfully approachable.


Wednesday, February 28 { 8:00 AM

I am thrilled to release this delightful blend of Merlot and Petit Verdot, which shows off a strong structure complemented by a rich, velvety midpalate.

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